Modesto Bee Guest Opinion: Yosemite so crowded you can’t stop; but park will take your money at the gate

      CSERC's executive director recently visited Yosemite Valley on a busy Saturday to see just how congested the Park might be under busy summer conditions.  He experienced first hand the incredible gridlock caused by the overwhelming number of vehicles that are allowed to crowd into the Park.  A bumper to bumper traffic jam kept him and thousands of other visitors in gridlock for two hours before the line of cars finally reached an intersection where Park employees simply turned the lines of traffic onto a crossover road that funneled everyone back out of the Park.  Families who had waited for hours in traffic lines never even got the opportunity to get out of their cars before being turned around.  Seeing that the Park staff was still allowing hundreds of additional cars into the Park to add to the traffic gridlock, John realized that something truly needs to be done to address the overcrowding and the resource impacts that too many cars and people cause for our Sierra jewel.
       For years CSERC has publicly advocated for better management of visitation levels and reasonable limits to be set for the number of vehicles allowed into overcrowded Yosemite Valley.  To learn more about the exceptional congestion that is now becoming so common in Yosemite Valley, read John’s July 10th guest opinion piece that was featured in the Modesto Bee.  

Link here to read the Bee opinion piece "Yosemite so crowded you can’t stop; but park will take your money at the gate."

Lines of cars "parked" in gridlocked traffic jam in Yosemite Valley

Too many cars - no place to go

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