CSERC’s efforts to protect the Northern Yosemite region of the Central Sierra

For the past 29 years, CSERC has worked to protect the environment in the Central Sierra and Northern Yosemite region, from wildlife and plants, to rivers and wild places. We work throughout the region, from the most remote areas of the high country where we locate rare wildlife and monitor meadows, down to the foothills where we test water quality and advocate for open space threatened by development.

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Water Resources

We monitor water quality in forest streams & advocate at countless meetings

Forest Ecosystems

We are forest watchdogs - monitoring, protecting old growth and more

Meadow Monitoring

We monitor mountain meadows - measuring grasses & photographing meadow systems

Volunteer Stewardship Projects

Dedicated volunteers help restore meadows, plant trees and more

Public Education & Activism

Slideshow presentations educate thousands of youth, and community outreach involves citizens who care

Development Projects

We provide written comments and testimony at public meetings for county projects


Staff assist with wildlife surveys and provide input on proposed projects

Our Center is located in the midst of a region that is still dominated by proponents of mining, logging, grazing, development, and aggressive use of resources. CSERC is often the only voice for nature speaking up at local hearings and meetings. We also are often the only environmental organization that actively monitors the full range of logging, mining, grazing, development, and water projects in the local area.

Without CSERC, the vast majority of threats to nature in this spectacular region would go unchallenged. Harmful development projects would not be altered or mitigated without CSERC's science-based testimony and fieldwork. Many precious environmental resources in the region would be diminished or lost. We are your hands at work, protecting nature in the Central Sierra and Northern Yosemite region!

Making a difference for nature in the Northern Yosemite region since 1990

Forest Ecosystems

We defend old growth forest habitat, wild rivers, threatened wildlife, and all the unique wild places still left within this part of the Sierra Nevada.

We set up motion-triggered cameras in the National Forest, Yosemite National Park, and other parts of our local region to look for rare wildlife species.

We advocate for the environment as participants in collaborative groups like YSS (Yosemite-Stanislaus Solutions) alongside representatives from federal and state agencies, industry representatives, and NGOs to strive for compromises that benefit the forest.

We go out into the forest to visit every proposed timber sale, road project, pesticide application, or other threat to nature on USFS lands. We then respond with written comments and legal input for controversial, potentially harmful projects.

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Water Resources

We attend utility meetings and Federal Energy Regulatory Commission re-licensing sessions to advocate for rivers and water resources in debates over water development.

We monitor water quality in forest streams to look for contaminants that pose health risks to forest visitors.

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Development Projects

CSERC staff gives expert testimony at public hearings, county board of supervisor or planning commission meetings, and state or federal comment sessions.

We review and respond to every proposed development project across the private lands of Tuolumne County, plus all large projects in Calaveras County.

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Meadow Monitoring

We monitor livestock grazing on public lands in the region - measuring meadow grasses and photographing meadow systems that are suffering from over-grazing, stream bank damage, or meadow erosion.

Learn more about the concerns associated with livestock grazing and how we monitor meadow health

Public Education & Activism

Each year CSERC presents free slide show programs about water, wildlife, and forests to thousands of students or members of community groups. (Learn about CSERC's educational programs)

Our center runs public education ads in newspapers to promote nature's needs and to raise regional residents' awareness about local environmental issues. We keep our website up to date with current news about environmental issues, and maintain a social media presence to further spread awareness.

We organize and inform volunteer activists to provide support for wildlife and water resources during public comment periods for a wide range of policies and projects. (Learn about CSERC's volunteer efforts)

Volunteer Stewardship Projects

With the help of enthusiastic volunteers, CSERC partners with various agencies and groups to engage in restoration and stewardship projects, primarily on the Stanislaus National Forest.

Volunteers completed over 690 hours of service in 2018, completing 11 projects ranging from trail rehabilitation, fencing, tree planting and more. Click here to read our 2018 Volunteer Recap.

Yosemite National Park

CSERC contributes staff time and research equipment in cooperation with Yosemite Park biologists to assist with research studies looking for rare wildlife species in Yosemite.

We act as watchdog monitors for all proposed projects in Yosemite Park by attending park meetings, reviewing all project related documents, communicating directly with Park officials, and submitting written comments.

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