Volunteer with CSERC and Make a Difference!

We are excited to share with you the restoration projects CSERC has scheduled for 2017.  Dates are subject to change so make sure to get on our volunteer list to get the most up to date information! If you are interested in volunteering with CSERC at future projects, or if you have questions about our volunteer work - email Megan Layhee at megl@cserc.org.

A happy crew of volunteers planting trees in the Rim Fire this past March. Don't miss any more opportunities to get involved and sign up for our email notification list for volunteer projects!

Lineup for 2017 CSERC Volunteer Projects

May 6th -  Clavey River canyon, Mountain Lady's Slipper Orchid survey. STATUS: complete!
May 20th - Trout Creek, OHV restoration (erosion control, vehicle route blocking and naturalization, and more).  STATUS: complete!
June 15th - Leland Gully/Fiddler's Green Meadow, fencing set up around restoration site. STATUS: complete!
June 24th -Wilson Meadow, invasive plant removal. STATUS: complete!
July 8th - Crab Meadow fen, fencing project (major repair to existing fenceline) STATUS: complete!
July TBD - Lake Moran meadow, fencing set up at restoration site. (weekday) STATUS: cancelled (access).
July TBD - Shell Meadow, non-motorized vegetation trimming along electric fence line. STATUS: completed by FS staff!
July TBD - Long Valley, native seed collection for restoration site. STATUS: cancelled.
July TBD - Jawbone meadows, fencing repair at a restoration site. STATUS: cancelled.
August 5th - Deer Creek, habitat restoration (erosion control, vehicle route blocking and naturalization, and more). STATUS: complete!
October 3rd - Crab Meadow fen, fence take-down. STATUS: complete!
October 7th - Westside Rail Trail, trail maintenance starting at River Ranch. (caution, poison oak in project area). STATUS: complete!
October 17th -Leland Gully/Fiddler's Green Meadow, fence take-downLearn more.
November 4th - Sugar Pine Railroad Grade Trail, trail maintenance along river trail. Postponed from September. Learn more.

Why Volunteer?

Participating in volunteer restoration projects is a great way to give back to the environment and to meet other people who care about environmental stewardship.

For example, in a typical year CSERC staff and volunteers will

  • plant willows in denuded meadows,
  • repair crumbling stream banks,
  • build fences to protect damaged riparian areas,
  • restore sensitive habitats damaged by unauthorized off-highway vehicle (OHV) activity,
  • clean up litter along streams or rivers, and
  • build new trails for public use.

As you can see, CSERC volunteer projects help to restore watershed health, wildlife, and wild places at important areas of our public lands.  As a bonus, working as a team builds friendships as you spend time with others who care about our local mountains. 

CSERC’s 2016 Volunteer Project Report

CSERC’s 2016 Volunteer Project Report

Thanks to our volunteers, we accomplish a lot

We have organized hundreds of workdays, and for each one the volunteers are the key to the success of each project.

In 2016 we completed over 16 project days with over 1,450 hours of service and 206 participants. See great photos from the year and more in our 2016 Volunteer Report!

If you want to know more about what our volunteers have accomplished in the past, read our past reports:


Thank you to REI for your past support of CSERC's Volunteer Restoration Projects.

Did you know that the accomplishments of our volunteers has earned our Center a national award  from the Forest Service in 2015?  See for yourself why, and sign up to get notifications of upcoming projects in 2017