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Activist Alert, June 2015:
Help to ban commercial trapping of bobcats in California!

      Currently commercial trappers kill as many as 1,500 bobcats each year in California. In 2013 the Bobcat Protection Act approved new state requirements to protect bobcats from commercial trapping on lands around national or state parks and wildlife refuges. Now, at last, the CA State Fish and Game Commission is finally preparing to adopt regulations to establish those no-trap buffers around parks and refuges. Public comments on that option are invited.

      But a second option is even better for bobcats. That second option asks Californians whether the commercial trapping of bobcats should be totally ended in the state.

      This is a rare chance for wildlife supporters to submit comments to support a total ban on commercial trapping of bobcats in California.

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Write in your support to help
stop bobcat trapping!

CSERC urges you to write in support of Option 2 - a total ban on commercial bobcat trapping in California.

Send in your comments by e-mail to or if you send comments by; mail, written comments should be mailed to:

Sonke Mastrup, Executive Director
Fish and Game Commission
1416 Ninth Street, Box 944209,|
Sacramento, California 94244-2090

Whether by e-mail or regular mail, comments must be received by the Commission before 12:00 noon on July 31, 2015.


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