The Watershed Game – Clean it up

Clean up the dirty watershed

In the watershed game, your task is to clean up the dirty watershed. Many different people and corporations might pollute the watershed – it’s your job to make the right choice for each scenario to protect the watershed.


How to play the watershed game:

  1. Start the game by clicking on picture #1.
    • You will then see some different scenarios that will affect the watershed in a good or bad way.
  2. Answer the question about the picture correctly to clean-up the watershed.

Start at the top to clean up the watershed.


Why should you clean up the watershed?

But why clean up the watershed you might think?

Water keeps coming down with rain so why bother?

On this page we describe the water cycle and you will understand why it’s so important to protect our water. Go have a look if you’re in doubt about why you should clean up the watershed. And if not. Let’s play!