Kids nature games

          These fun games and educational activities help get kids interested and engaged with nature, and teach important concepts about watersheds, wildlife and more.

The Watershed GameWatershed Game

 The goal of this game is to answer trivia questions to clean up the watershed (secondary or higher)


ToadFind the Wildlife

The object of this game is to find the wildlife in the pictures (primary or higher)


BackyardGrayFoxBackyard Wildlife

Do you think wildlife seldom visit your backyard? Think again! Many come out at night (primary or higher)

Food ChainBuild a Food Chain

The object of this game is to build wildlife food chains (secondary)


Bear hugging a big treeMatch the Habitat

This game is played matching animals to the habitat they live in (primary)


Nature Activities

Great ideas for helping kids connect with nature and have fun!pine cone

More Nature Activities

Even more ideas for inspiring your kids to engage with and enjoy nature!treerings