Financials for CSERC

          As a non-profit organization, we have no board-members nor stakeholders who make a
profit. CSERC is funded solely by private grants, foundations and individual contributions from members. We devote our income to our cause “Defending water, wildlife and wild places” in the Central Sierra and northern Yosemite region. As a non-profit we are transparent about our finances, and our current budget is made publicly available here on our website.

CSERC is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. All donations are tax percent for the planet

CSERC is a member of 1% for the Planet.

CSERC Budget for 2017

Foundation & Corporate Grants$ 185,000
Individual & Board Contributions$ 125,000
Earned Revenue$ 150
Total Estimated Income $ 325,150
Medical, Payroll Taxes, HSA, Retirement$ 51,100
Website Marketing/Consulting$ 3,400
Fundraising/Outreach$ 13,900
Focus Area Equipment, Testing, Workday Supplies$ 6,900
Legal$ 20,000
Rent & Utilities$ 6,700
Internet/Phone$ 2,500
Mileage Expenses$ 16,600
Postage, Shipping, Mailers$ 4,100
Printing, Copying, In-house Publications$ 5,200
Education/Video/Networking$ 2,000
Insurance$ 1,900
Accounting & Miscellaneous$ 3,000
Total Estimated Expenses $ 339,700