CSERC biologists water sampling research is published in peer reviewed journal

Using five years of meticulously collected water sampling data, CSERC biologists Megan Layhee, Megan Fiske, and Lindsey Myers had their research investigating the correlation between livestock presence and bacteria contamination in freshwater streams published this October 2017 in the peer -reviewed scientific journal Scientific Research. For well over a decade CSERC has been a leading […]

Investigación de muestreo de agua por los biólogos de CSERC se publica en una revista evaluada por los iguales

Usando cinco años de datos meticulosamente recopilados del muestreo de agua, las biólogas de CSERC Megan Layhee, Megan Fiske, y Lindsey Myers tenían su investigación sobre la correlación entre la presencia del ganado y la contaminación de las bacterias en arroyos de agua dulce publicado este octubre de 2017 en la revista científica de Scientific […]

CSERC’s water quality sampling is pivotally important to understanding how polluted water is in the local national forest and in foothill streams

        The clear water in the forest stream looks attractive and healthy as the stream falls over rock ledges and winds its way down the drainage.  Forest visitors, especially kids who love to get wet on a hot day, may wade through the water or reach underwater to pull up glistening stones […]