Photos from the Northern Yosemite region

There are so many beautiful views, scenic rivers, gorgeous flowers, and stunning wildlife to be seen throughout the Sierra Nevada.

These galleries offer some great photographs of all the beauty you can experience in the Northern Yosemite region. Spend some time looking through the galleries and indulge in all the beauty the Sierra Nevada mountains have to offer.

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From the smallest hummingbirds to the great Bald Eagle,  a wide range of unique bird species can be seen in the Sierra Nevada.

Fungi and mushrooms

Fungi come in many forms, from typical mushrooms to slime molds. Explore the decomposers that are an important basis of the ecosystem in our fungi photo gallery.


The Sierra Nevada are home to around 3500 plant species, and 400 of those occur only here and nowhere else in the world. Check out the photo gallery to see a variety of common and rare plants.

Wild places

Photo Gallery
Yosemite and the Central Sierra are packed with scenic destinations, which are even more beautiful when you see them in person.  Maybe one of the photos will inspire you to visit a new destination on your next trip?


From frogs to bears, wildlife in the Northern Yosemite region are sure to surprise and excite visitors who are lucky enough to encounter them! Check out this photo gallery to get a glimpse of wildlife native to the area.

Check out our Flickr photo stream of CSERC and friends having fun in the great outdoors of our spectacular region:

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