Great links

Interesting and fun links, chosen by Staff

Video: Owl in Flight

John found this video particularly interesting because it exemplifies the unique basket shape that Owls make with their talons when capturing prey. No other raptor, hawk or eagle included, share this trait with Owls.

Video: Yosemite Nature Notes-Night Skies

Everyone here at the Center LOVES the Yosemite Nature Notes series. Be sure to check out the variety of other short videos on their Youtube page

Website: Take Your Kids Backpacking!

Backpacking with kids

As someone who grew up in the mountains but never went backpacking til she was an adult, Megan is a big fan of this REI article full of tips and ideas for how to get your kids out into our beautiful backcountry!

Website: Sierra Nevada Geotourism

Sierra Nevada interactive map

National Geographic has a great site dedicated to geotourism in the Sierra Nevada. Check out the interactive map page that features hikes, lodging, food and festival locations.

Website: Sierra Nevada Photography and Geography

Sierra Nevada photo website

Julia is a big fan of this Sierra Nevada Photos website, which features photography from the Sierra Nevada. Her favorite feature is the Geography section and the multitude of maps, including this great image of the Sierra Nevada from space!