Family camping

A family camping trip can be filled with new adventures for kids and adults. By trying new things together, you can create new and strengthened bonds between family members. A camping trip can open your eyes to the wonders of nature and inspire your children to respect and connect with the world around them.

To make the most of your first family trip and make sure it is an experience you’ll want to do again, we have gathered some basic family camping advice. Check out these tips and tricks to enjoy a successful trip.

Why go camping?

Why go camping with your family?

Are you unsure about camping?

Worried your vacation will turn into work?

Let us help you prepare for your trip so it is enjoyable and fun!

See the benefits of family camping, plus answers to common fears

Where to Go

Where to camp

So you have decided to go camping. Now the question is where to go? We have gathered some family friendly places to go in our region.
Possible destinations for your first camping trip

Getting Ready

Getting ready for your first camping trip

Being prepared for your camping trip will help ensure that you and your family enjoy the beautiful destination you’ve chosen to explore. We’ve provided a list of the things you should bring so you are set up for success.

Getting ready for your camping trip, and what you should bring

Camping Basics

Basic camping tips

Don’t get caught hungry and cold because you weren’t prepared for your trip!

Let us share some camping basics that will help you be prepared so you can enjoy nature and relax.

How to set up camp, cook, make a fire, and more

Games & Activities

Games and activities

Turn off or leave behind your electronics and engage in some fun games and activities with your family around camp.

Fun things you can do with your family when camping

Stay Safe

Make it a safe camping trip

Relax and enjoy your trip knowing that you and your family are safe by following these tips.

How to have a safe and fun trip with your family

Leave No Trace

Leave no trace

When you are visiting the region, or any wild place, there are many ways to reduce your impact.

Leave No Trace principles will help you reduce your impact while visiting wild places.