Sierra Fun – Things to do in Yosemite and the Sierra Nevada

Below, we have put together a collection of our favorite places to go, camping tips, and activities in the Central Sierra Nevada.

Yosemite and the Central Sierra Nevada region contain spectacular views and vast areas to explore. Here, you can develop your connection with nature and enjoy the quiet scenic beauty. Whether you are a seasoned visitor or are embarking on a new adventure, these pages will help you enjoy your time in this world-renowned mountain range.

With so many trails to explore, it helps to plan your destinations and activities ahead of time.

Here, we have created a list of scenic destinations in and around Yosemite to help you easily plan where to go. Included are places to hike (whether you are planning a single day of hiking or several) and ideas of where to camp or find lodging.

Let the gorgeous scenery of Northern Yosemite be the backdrop for your first camping trip in the Sierra Nevada. Below, we have also put together a list of camping basics to help you enjoy your first camping trip, or to improve upon your next camping experience. Even if you are only going out for the day, you will find helpful guidelines for how to stay safe and be respectful while spending time in nature.

Experiencing the Sierra Nevada and Yosemite

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Discover the region from home

Maybe you live far from the mountains, or the weather is keeping you from getting outside. No matter the reason, when you can’t quite get out to enjoy the Sierra Nevada, use the links provided below to explore aspects of the region from your home.