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Latest Newsletters

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Winter 2017

Winter wildlife sightings 
A transition of staff brings new faces to CSERC 
Monitoring uncovers more livestock damage to springs, meadows and streams 
Water boards launch a new "waiver permit" process
Hydroelectric plan for the Tuolumne River moves to next phase
Park service aims to do studies rather than take action to reduce Yosemite traffic
CSERC programs reach 150,000 participants
Educational games for kids on CSERC website draw thousands
Be on the alert for rare porcupine sightings

Fall 2017

Not all wildfires are equal - some can be managed for resource benefits
The Railroad Fire threatens Yosemite region
Spotted owl management debated
Public gives input on Phoenix Lake Restoration Project
PG&E launches a hydroelectric relicensing process for Lyons Reservoir
Update on CSERC's lawsuit against Forest Service over livestock grazing
CSERC works to increase the pace and scale of prescribed fire and thinning logging
Cherry lake continues to be drained to allow repair of valves in dam
CSERC calls for strategies to reduce congestion and gridlock in Yosemite Valley
Kudos to PG&E for extra effort to do restoration at Kennedy Meadows 

Spring 2017


Photo entries reflect region's wildlife diversityTop prizes in adult and youth/teen categoriesSome pictures make you feel as if you're there
CSERC helps craft pilot forest treatment project 
Debates over FERC hydroelectric relicensing on Lower Tuolumne continue 
Why CSERC is suing the Forest Service over grazing
Key reason for lawsuit: contamination of forest streams
Volunteer restoration projects offer ways to help!
Yosemite NP update: Good and bad news
Citizen activists are needed now, more than ever
Other ways to help CSERC during our funding challenge

Fall 2016

upper merced riverVolunteer projects transform degraded area
Volunteers help with rehabilitation
Persistence paid off
Tree mortality in Parks
Rodenticides continue to poison wildlife
Stanislaus NF new Forest Plan to shape management for decades to come
CSERC advocates for Wilderness in Yosemite Plan
CSERC's water quality sampling may lead to more protection
State Plan to raise minimum flows in local rivers
CSERC praises local environmental leader
A season and a time of change

Summer 2016

Winter precipitation fails to halt conifer die-off
Update on USFS reforestation plan in Rim Fire
Competing vegetation surges, tree planting delay
Restoration workdays in full swing!
CSERC project sites include degraded meadows
What does expansion of bark beetle mean?
Yosemite Park reintroduces pond turtles and red-legged frogs
Forest officials continue to reject grazing concerns
USFS ignores livestock contamination of water
CSERC cameras reveal new photos of rare fox
Aquatic biologist Meg Layhee strengthens staff

Spring 2016

CSERC celebrates 25 years!
Raising awareness in tomorrow's environmental stewards
CSERC has a long history of dedicated staff
Protecting wildlife has been a key goal
USFS proposes status-quo plan for livestock grazing in high elevations
Bark beetle mortality continues to spread across conifer forests
Updates on local environmental issues
Do collaborative processes justfiy the investment of so much effort?
Key achievements from 25 years of efforts

Sierra Nevada red foxFall 2015

A boy and a red fox
Threats to Sierra Nevada red fox
CSERC receives national award
Rodenticides at illegal grows poison wildlife
Rare Pacific fisher is highly vulnerable
Remembering Frank Oyung and Del Dow
Conservation updates
Conifers die by the thousands
Hydroelectric licensing may mean fish passage
Year round efforts to make a difference

clouds and mountainsSummer 2015

Summer beauty in the mountains
Why we're promoting national forest logging
Future forests - prescribed fire & science based logging for fire resilience
Complex forest concepts understood through mimicking nature
Rim fire reforestation controversy proceeds
Water diversion plan draws CSERC appeal - protecting the Tuolumne river
Pinecrest lake levels & other water issues polarizing in local region
Wild roadless areas threatened by snowmobile management plan
We need more volunteers this fall
Planning for the future
Wildlife surveys at high and low elevations

snowmobilerSpring 2015

News on the drought and its effect on wildlife
County general plan updates
News on threatened amphibians
Ackerson Meadow (will it become part of Yosemite?)
San Francisco's plan to divert more water
The Pinecrest Lake level may be reduced in the summer
Rim Fire Reforestation Plan concerns
The latest news from the Over-Snow-Vehicle Plan

bobcat in the Rim FireFall/Winter 2014

CSERC's new photo contest
Controversy over dams versus water efficiency
Wrap-up of CSERC's field season
New plans for over-snow vehicle use on the Stanislaus forest
Big impact made by volunteers
Conditions vary in the Rim fire
Results from camera surveys in the Rim fire
Slow progress on the Calaveras general plan
Will there be fee hikes in Yosemite
How to survive the drought
Support CSERC

Summer 2014

Peregrine Falcon

 Summertime raptor inspirations
Report your local raptor sightings
Enjoy some photos of local raptors
Volunteer projects make a big difference
Legal update: some ongoing, some success
Help CSERC: be a forest watchdog
Frogs & toad gain protections
Summer thunderstorms boost water resources
Rim fire fieldwork, surveys & collaboration
CSERC's voice for nature, & your special place in our region

Baby blue eyes wildflower and beeSpring 2014

Drought conditions stress ecosystems
Rim Fire recovery challenged by drought
Watershed values hit hard by Rim Fire
Volunteer projects coming up quick
Tuolumne County guts wildlife & oak woodland policies
Springtime is bloomtime
Red Hills & Westside Rail Trail
Lawsuit requires mine to complete EIR
Yosemite's Merced River Plan disappoints
-But the Tuolumne River Plan promises change
New grazing plan tests USFS commitments
Conservation and the joys of spring