Check out CSERC’s Fall newsletter!

Check out CSERC's latest quarterly newsletter! We strive to be a valued source of information on the important issues that effect the Central Sierra Nevada Region. In this issue you'll find:

- Not all wildfires are equal - some can be managed for resource benefits
- The Railroad Fire threatens Yosemite region
- Spotted owl management debated on public and private lands
- Public gives input on plan for Phoenix Lake Restoration Project
- PG&E launches a hydroelectric relicensing process for Lyons Reservoir
- Update on CSERC's lawsuit against Forest Service over livestock grazing
- CSERC works to increase the pace and scale of prescribed fire and thinning logging treatments
- Cherry lake continues to be drained to allow repair of valves in dam
- CSERC calls for strategies to reduce congestion and gridlock in Yosemite Valley
- Kudos to PG&E for extra effort to do restoration at Kennedy Meadows

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