Local wildlife in the Central Sierra and Northern Yosemite region

A great diversity of wildlife species make their home in the Sierra Nevada, from flocks of rosy-crowned finches foraging atop the highest peaks in Yosemite, to the elusive ringtail roaming the foothills of the Central Sierra by starlight. You might see abundant creatures like coyotes, which roam most of the U.S., or you might get lucky and see a Yosemite toad or another rare species endemic to the Sierra Nevada. Habitat needs vary from species to species, and thus the threats facing wildlife are wide-ranging.

Our photo detection surveys

CSERC biologists set up motion triggered photo stations to locate rare wildlife species in remote, unprotected roadless areas within the Stanislaus National Forest and Yosemite. We collaborate with government agencies to help meet survey needs for rare species, and the data we provide helps inform land use decisions and environmental analyses.

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Current threats to wildlife

Wildlife can't speak for themselves at public hearings or before politicians. They can't write responses to technical, legal documents like EIR's and EA’s. CSERC serves as their voice in the following wildlife issues...

Learn about local wildlife

Learn interesting facts about some of our wildlife here in the Yosemite region. The Sierra Nevada is home to many endemic species, meaning they can’t be found anywhere else. These species often have interesting and distinctive adaptations, due to their evolution in an environment as unique as these mountains. Learn more about the critters you could encounter here in the Sierra Nevada region.

Mountain Lion

Have You Found Injured Wildlife?

Wildlife photo gallery

Photos of the amazing diversity of local species.