Free school programs about wildlife, water and habitat values

School          Every year, CSERC staff presents slide show programs to schools and community groups in the central region of California.  Since 1990, the Center has reached over 148,000 viewers with stimulating and informative programs that teach viewers about wildlife, water, and habitat values.  These creative and memorable programs are adapted to fit the interests and the age levels of each group of participants.


Current school programs

Read below to learn more about some of the programs that we are currently offering.

Water – Our precious gift

LabeledWaterCycle          Students not only learn about the many ways that humans use and rely on fresh water, but they also learn about the water cycle, plus how to conserve and enjoy this critical resource.

Eagles of North America

Second Prize: David Hargus Bald eagle

          Bald and Golden Eagles are featured in this review of eagles from around the world and how humans affect these impressive creatures.

Learn about local birds

Song Sparrow

          Students learn to recognize various local bird species and to see how each kind of bird relies on specific kinds of food or habitat.

Wildlife – Meet your neighbors

Gray Fox
          This highly popular program focuses on the diverse wildlife species that live in the local forests, foothills, and valley region of Central California.

Forest habitat is where it’s at…

National Forest

          Viewers learn about the forest web of life and how human activities or demands can alter the forest ecosystem. This program also teaches student to recognize different kinds of habitat.

Yosemite – the Park in the Central Valley’s backyard

   Teaches students how and why Yosemite Park was created and what it offers for families who visit.


How to schedule one of our environmental presentations

          If your group or school would like to arrange for one of the Center's environmental slide show programs, contact CSERC by e-mail at or phone us at: (209) 586-7440.

          For each program, CSERC staff provides the slide projector, extension cord, screen, and at least one staff member as the presenter. All you need to provide is the time, location, and a classroom, library, cafeteria, or any meeting room that can be dimmed enough for the slides to be seen. Due to the pressure of commitments that CSERC staff faces throughout the year, it can be challenging to schedule programs any sooner than three weeks from the contact date. Accordingly, we encourage teachers, principals, or community group members to plan ahead and contact the Center in plenty of time to ensure that you get a program on the date that works best for you.

          All program times are adaptable to fit your needs. We can provide a single program for a community group or a full day's worth of programs for a school. Contact us if you have any questions about these fun, informative programs.

Kids Games

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