CSERC’s water quality sampling is pivotally important to understanding how polluted water is in the local national forest and in foothill streams

        The clear water in the forest stream looks attractive and healthy as the stream falls over rock ledges and winds its way down the drainage.  Forest visitors, especially kids who love to get wet on a hot day, may wade through the water or reach underwater to pull up glistening stones […]

Needed repairs of key valves in the Cherry Lake dam will require the reservoir to be drained down to a minimum pool by end of summer

            With many reservoirs receiving their highest flows of snowmelt in decades, it isn’t an ideal time to drain a giant reservoir before the rainy season next fall. But that is exactly what is needed at Lake Lloyd (known more broadly as “Cherry Lake”). Failing valves in the dam require the reservoir to be drawn down […]

Modesto Bee Guest Opinion: Yosemite so crowded you can’t stop; but park will take your money at the gate

      CSERC’s executive director recently visited Yosemite Valley on a busy Saturday to see just how congested the Park might be under busy summer conditions.  He experienced first hand the incredible gridlock caused by the overwhelming number of vehicles that are allowed to crowd into the Park.  A bumper to bumper traffic jam kept him […]

Your Voice Could Help Protect National Monuments!

National Monuments Need Your VoiceFrom the Tule elk roaming the wildflower laden oak woodlands of Berryessa Snow Mountain, to the fantastic wildflower superblooms in Carrizo Plains, to the hundreds of thousands of archaeological sites at Bear’s Ears, unique wildlife, plants and culturally significant places have been protected as National Monuments. Now, these precious places may […]

Cottonwood Road at Reed Creek 2017

Road closures affecting the Stanislaus Forest – update!

Wet winter forces delays and closures of Stanislaus Forest roadsAfter many years of drought, California got quite the winter this year. From the spectacular wildflower blooms to the rivers overflowing with snowmelt, there have been many positive outcomes from this wonderfully wet winter. Unfortunately, not every outcome has been positive; the network of roads that provides access for thousands […]

May 25th – wildlife slideshow presentation by CSERC’s director, come join us!

Bring The Family! Invite Your Friends!    Come See 200 Impressive Slides Of Wildlife Of Our Region!             From tule elk to tarantulas; from burrowing owls to badgers – over the past decade photographers of the region have submitted a stunning diversity of photo entries for a wildlife photo contest sponsored annually by the Central Sierra […]