Your Voice Could Help Protect National Monuments!

National Monuments Need Your VoiceFrom the Tule elk roaming the wildflower laden oak woodlands of Berryessa Snow Mountain, to the fantastic wildflower superblooms in Carrizo Plains, to the hundreds of thousands of archaeological sites at Bear’s Ears, unique wildlife, plants and culturally significant places have been protected as National Monuments. Now, these precious places may […]

Swallowtail butterfly, photo by Merrit Hill

View CSERC’s Top 50 photos from our 2017 Wildlife Photo Contest, new – winner of Viewer’s Choice photo contest!

Every year during CSERC’s Wildlife Photo Contest there are so many high quality and captivating photos submitted that it is truly a challenge to choose which photograph stands out as the clear winner. So, after we have carefully selected our winners (view our winners by clicking here!), we turn the top 50 photos (minus the […]