A Must See- Yosemite’s Horsetail Fall in February

For a few brief days in February every year, the often overlooked Horsetail Fall in Yosemite National Park provides a special treat to those who time it right and are watching during the sunset hour.

Reflecting the orange glow of sunset, from the middle to the end of February, the falls actually give the appearance of being on fire! It literally looks as though lava is flowing from the falls.

Here is a great shot of this natural special lighting effect:

This past weekend, CSERC biologist Lindsey was climbing in Yosemite Valley and caught this picture of Horsetail Fall during sunset. Still not quite the time for the falls to appear as though they are on fire, the sunset still brilliantly illuminated Horesetail Fall.

The great film series Yosemite Nature Notes did a great 8 minute documentary on Horsetail Falls- check it out!

Here is a link to Yosemite’s website page that provides info on getting to the best viewing spots to witness this phenomenon.

I am hoping to get out there this month to finally witness this event myself!

Have any of you been to Yosemite to see the “firefall effect” of Horestail Fall? What was your experience like?

-Julia Stephens, CSERC Blogger

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