“Why Fish and Wildlife is right on endangered frogs” – a Sacramento Bee opinion piece

          Here is a guest opinion piece submitted to the Sacramento Bee by a Sierra Forest Legacy biologist.  He writes in support of measures by the Fish and Wildlife Service to protect important habitat for at-risk amphibian species.  CSERC worked with SFL to draft up the piece to help correct misleading claims by ranchers and the Farm Bureau that protecting amphibians could put ranchers out of business.  That claim is completely wrong.

Photographer: Devin Edmonds, USGS

          In the Northern Yosemite region, nearly all of the surviving amphibians that are intended to be protected by Fish and Wildlife regulations are found in very high elevations on public forest lands.  USFWS regulations simply require other federal agencies to consult with the FWS before the other agencies approve new projects or plans that might pose harm to the listed wildlife species.

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